Fashion Styling Challenge is Finished!!

The 30 outfits in 30 days with the same 30 articles of clothing has come to a close. This challenge was hard for me in the following ways, first I do not get dressed everyday. I work from home and workout every day so I wear my work out clothes or the same jeans and T combo pretty much every day. If I didn’t wear my work out clothes all day( ewww I know) I would change my outfit like three times and that is too many times to go from my living room to my office. Another challenge was I really did not need to have 30 pieces of clothing 15 would have been more of a challenge. I did however realize I have a ton of clothes I don’t wear. What to do with these under used items I’m not sure yet.

The best part of this challenge was I did organize my closet. I used the soda can pop top things to piggy back my hangers and WOW!! I love all of the space. I got the idea from Pinterest.

Here are Nicole and my last installments of the Fashion Styling Challenge.

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Everlane Affordable Luxury T- Shirts

Have you guys heard of Everlane? I seriously just found this last week, and wanted to share it. I pretty much wear some form of a t shirt and jeans every day. Finding a good tee is hard sometimes. I am curious, have any of you tried these? I have not yet, but plan to and will update this post with my opinion when I do. Leave me your thoughts!


“Manology” The Men’s Fashion Terminology

The fashion terms floating around the men’s fashion world are getting more and more preposterous!

Have you ever wondered where the surge in these new words came about?  It all goes back to the changing business climate. When the male business and professional world became more dress casual over this past decade, a door was opened up for men to express more of their creative side through everyday dressing.

The increased demand for more fashion-forward options created more silhouettes in ready-to-wear men’s fashion. When basic silhouette changes from more formfitting legwear entered the picture (ex: men’s skinny jeans and low rise trousers), a need erected for undergarment designers to make these new pant styles more comfortable to wear.

Another cause of the “man-fashion” new apparel terms boom is the metrosexual lifestyle that promotes good grooming and accessorizing. Thanks to these fashionable men, words like manscaping, murse, and manties are born.

Now do these terms really get used in the fashion industry? Coming from a sales and marketing standpoint here at, the answer is no. These novelty funny terms are not used by our actual customers to search for and purchase fashions. However, the need to promote these items to men using more masculine easy-to-understand lingo is more important now than ever.

Our online shopping research has shown that most men out there seem to value there masculinity and use apparel terms like messenger bags, jewelry for men, sandals, and shapewear.  Words like mewlery, murse, mandal, and manlgier seem to have more of a feminine and mocking connotation.

What is new on the market for men’s fashion? Men’s underwear has undergone some huge changes recently. Due to the changing silhouette in men’s fashion described above, the need for men’s shapewear like low-rise and slim-fit boxers has popped up. Even shorter boxer briefs called trunks are making their way to the market in every pattern and color of the rainbow.

Men’s accessories are also filling up stores like Express and Neiman Marcus. Men a re-wearing scarves, necklaces, bracelets, and carry-alls on a daily basis. This increases apparel options and allows guys to express their creativity through fashion.

Everyone wants to feel good and look their best. I am glad that men are exploring this world of fashion. If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions on this “man-fashion” blog post, throw me an email or post a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

Style Challenge Week 2

The style challenge is harder on my time than I thought.  I didn’t realize taking a picture everyday would be difficult to remember. Here are my photos from the last two weeks.

 Doing this styling challenge, I have relearned that I basically wear the same thing everyday lol. I am totally fine with this fact. 
Here are my last two pics and Nicole’s.
Here is Nicole.

How to be a Fashion Stylist

Figuring out how to be a fashion stylist is a very different path for everyone who wants to be a stylist. I received this question a few weeks ago and thought I would answer it on here. I am only answering from my personal experience.

 I became a fashion stylist kind of by fate and through a passion for athetics. To be a good stylist, you have to be confident and the best sales person you have ever met. You also need a natural style not too trendy but you have be able to tell what looks right. Lastly, you have to be a great listener and be able to adjust to ever changing situations.

That being said, I went to a four year university for apparel textiles and merchandising. I was taught not how to be a stylist but every aspect of the fashion industry from yarn fibers to buying calendars. I am not sure if this college experience really gave me an edge in styling, but you need to know the basics like what fibers will melt when ironed and the background knowledge of the pipeline of fashion. That knowledge and applied wisdom is essential in creating a solid business which you will be doing from the ground up as a stylist.

So to be a fashion stylist, you essentially have to create your own business. How you chose to start that business is up to you. For me, I worked at very high end stores as a “stylist” and it was all the people I met that got me here today. Where I worked, I was allowed to promote myself and that is how I created a client list. That client list soon made its way out of the store I was in and into their personal closets. It  became large enough that I could quit working through stores and just dress people and clean out closets.

From this point, my story changes and I get married. Together, my husband and I make Our website opened up a whole new world for me and a different type of styling that’s more involved in the industry.

To wrap this up, here’s the basic steps on how to become a fashion stylist.

1. Get educated about the industry as a whole.
2. Learn to sell anything and everything
3. Create a client list however you can.
4. Start promoting yourself and selling your expert styling advice.
5. Create your own business plan to keep your client list growing.

Steps 3 and 4 might be reversed for a lot of people, but for me that is how it went.  If you want to talk about how you created your path, shoot me an email and I would love to post it!