What To Read this Week….

Some of the things I read this week, and wanted to share.

She Thought It Was a Parade

“Look, Mom — a parade!” my 4-year old daughter was giddy when she saw the front page of today’s newspaper.
A parade.
That’s what my daughter associated with the images circulating of white folks holding tiki torches while proudly waving confederate flags down the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia. (Full Article)

Open Adoption: An Interview With A Birth Mom And Adoptive Mom

Prospective adoptive parents need to do the heavy lifting of discerning why openness scares them. Is it jealousy? False stereotypes? Not wanting to “share?” Barring a true issue of trauma or safety, research tells us that some degree of openness is best for the adoptee. At its core, adoption is about “sharing.” Our kids come from a family of origin and that cannot be erased or ignored. ( full article)

When the answer is no

Another tally mark in the “things I never expected when I signed up for this” category. (Read Full Article Here)

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