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A collection of the things that inspired, resignated, and or made me laugh from around the web this week.

5 Things That Happen Because Open Adoption Is A New Concept

“I could never have someone like her around.”

Adoptive parents in open adoptions often are asked “Was she on drugs?” or “Why didn’t she want the baby?” We often spend a lot of time defending our children’s birth parents honor to friends, family, and strangers alike. Tune into any Lifetime-esque channel and you will see a litany of movies showing the scary birth mom who tries to steal her child back. Even the people closest to us don’t understand the relationships we have which can lead adoptive parents to feel isolated at times. ( Full article here)

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Adopted

No one ever told me a story in which adoption was really hard at first, but then got better. After connecting with hundreds of other adoptive families over the years, I really feel like that’s the true story that most of us experience. When a child is placed with you, particularly an older child, it can be really tough for awhile. It is so worth it to struggle through those hard times. Adoption is never all rainbow unicorns, but there are plenty of magic moments. (Read the full article here)

What Adoptive Parenting Has Taught Me About Persistence

Families who have been able to adopt recognize that without persistence, they would have never made it to their adoption days. It takes a lot of fortitude to finish the stacks of paperwork, background checks, home visits, and any other pertinent requests by the courts, other countries, or placing agencies. In some ways, the process to be approved is a way that families begin to understand how patience and persistence come into play with adoption. (Full Article here)

The Fashion Influencer Has Found A New Gig

As Web 1.0 celebrities grew up, the fashion market became more saturated and was quickly co-opted by marketers, making it a less desirable space to be embedded within. Plus, why limit yourself? As influencers saw that they could live their lives as content — streamed on Snapchat or Instagram stories, a reality show in the palm of your hand — the business opportunities became endless. (Full read here)

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