Adoption Anxiety: How to Cope

Building your family through adoption isn’t easy. The whole living in the unknown is kind of miserable. The whole living in the no control over anything is also a bit tricky. A few weeks ago, we had a weekend trip planned. A day before we leave, we were notified about a possible adoption situation. The expectant woman was due a day before she decided to make an adoption plan. So basically, we said yes please look at our profile along with all the other families in the pool. We proceeded to rework every imaginable possibility of our impending weekend away plans and the reality of having a newborn in the matter of any minute.  The long and short of it is that we were not chosen. (More on what that’s like here)

The thing that people outside of the adoption community seem to not understand is how hard it is to have your life go from dreams come true to square one instantly and often. I always feel like to make an out-of-town plan, it requires me to choose between that and my next child. I always choose my next child. I am so ready for a vacation. And my second child 😉

So what do you do? In 2014, we ran full and half marathons, 5k’s, anything, and everywhere.  We ran for hours.  Running gave me something I could control. I could run a mile. I could run 20. Somehow, I could do it and I would. It wasn’t pretty or fast, but it was a goal I could control. At this point in life, spending 4 hours running and the rest day recovering doesn’t seem practical with a toddler for us.

Ab challenge anyone? Check it out. I didn’t come up with it. I have the privilege of working out with some pretty tough ladies and we are all doing it this month along with Chris and of course Knox 🙂

 Just 10-15 minutes each day!
March 1, 6, 9: 50 crunches, 25 reverse crunch. Plank to failure (2 times through)
March 2, 7, 11: 40 bicycles, 40 scissors with head and shoulders off the ground. Side plank to fail on both sides (2 times through)
March 3, 5, 10: 20 V-sits, 20 double crunch-to-extend (elbows the outside of the knees (repeat 3 times)
March 4, 8, 12: Rest.
Let me know if you are going to join in! What are some ways that you cope with the unknown and deal with anxiety?

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