Fashion Styling Challenge is Finished!!

The 30 outfits in 30 days with the same 30 articles of clothing has come to a close. This challenge was hard for me in the following ways, first I do not get dressed everyday. I work from home and workout every day so I wear my work out clothes or the same jeans and T combo pretty much every day. If I didn’t wear my work out clothes all day( ewww I know) I would change my outfit like three times and that is too many times to go from my living room to my office. Another challenge was I really did not need to have 30 pieces of clothing 15 would have been more of a challenge. I did however realize I have a ton of clothes I don’t wear. What to do with these under used items I’m not sure yet.

The best part of this challenge was I did organize my closet. I used the soda can pop top things to piggy back my hangers and WOW!! I love all of the space. I got the idea from Pinterest.

Here are Nicole and my last installments of the Fashion Styling Challenge.

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