“Manology” The Men’s Fashion Terminology

The fashion terms floating around the men’s fashion world are getting more and more preposterous!

Have you ever wondered where the surge in these new words came about?  It all goes back to the changing business climate. When the male business and professional world became more dress casual over this past decade, a door was opened up for men to express more of their creative side through everyday dressing.

The increased demand for more fashion-forward options created more silhouettes in ready-to-wear men’s fashion. When basic silhouette changes from more formfitting legwear entered the picture (ex: men’s skinny jeans and low rise trousers), a need erected for undergarment designers to make these new pant styles more comfortable to wear.

Another cause of the “man-fashion” new apparel terms boom is the metrosexual lifestyle that promotes good grooming and accessorizing. Thanks to these fashionable men, words like manscaping, murse, and manties are born.

Now do these terms really get used in the fashion industry? Coming from a sales and marketing standpoint here at FashionStylist.com, the answer is no. These novelty funny terms are not used by our actual customers to search for and purchase fashions. However, the need to promote these items to men using more masculine easy-to-understand lingo is more important now than ever.

Our online shopping research has shown that most men out there seem to value there masculinity and use apparel terms like messenger bags, jewelry for men, sandals, and shapewear.  Words like mewlery, murse, mandal, and manlgier seem to have more of a feminine and mocking connotation.

What is new on the market for men’s fashion? Men’s underwear has undergone some huge changes recently. Due to the changing silhouette in men’s fashion described above, the need for men’s shapewear like low-rise and slim-fit boxers has popped up. Even shorter boxer briefs called trunks are making their way to the market in every pattern and color of the rainbow.

Men’s accessories are also filling up stores like Express and Neiman Marcus. Men a re-wearing scarves, necklaces, bracelets, and carry-alls on a daily basis. This increases apparel options and allows guys to express their creativity through fashion.

Everyone wants to feel good and look their best. I am glad that men are exploring this world of fashion. If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions on this “man-fashion” blog post, throw me an email or post a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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