30 Days x 30 Articles of Clothing Fashion Styling Challenge

I have seen several fashion challenges on other style blogs specifically this one and I think it is time to do one over here. I would love for you to do this with me too!

To be a fashion stylist, you need to be able to dress body types and make due with what you have; whether it be your own closet, the wardrobe closet on a set, or the store you are working in. This challenge is designed to show off your skills in the art of dressing yourself.

If you want to participate, please email me a collage style photo of the 30 pieces you will be working with, the links you would like to be associated with, and a profile pic of your personal style by June 30th.

I will be posting albums on Facebook for every fashion stylist and fashion lover who would like to participate and linking back to your personal sites. The challenge will start July 1st through the 30th.

Here is the basic outline of the fashion challenge.

1. Pick 30 articles of clothing. (Shoes, accessories, and handbags don’t count.)
2. Make 30 variations of outfits with these 30 pieces.
3. Take a photo of each of these outfits.
4. Send the photos to me every Thursday for four Thursdays starting July 5th.
It’s super simple, very fun, and it’ll showcase to others your fashion styling skills!

The goal for myself is to practice my styling and remind myself how to dress my own body. I would also like to gain a working closet that is fully utilized and organized through this challenge.

Remember to shoot me an email by June 30th to enter the challenge with me. I’m looking forward to some fashion styling and hope to hear from you soon!

Nicole Perrella decided to join in on this fashion challenge here are her 30 clothing pieces. You can keep up with her here, here , and here.

 This is what she is working with.

And me.

Here is what I am working with,
Not pictured is the white shirts I have on above a jean jacket and the pants I am wearing at this very moment. You do not need glasses, my pictures are fuzzy. Just because they are.

All you Stylists, join us!!!

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