Lash Allure MD After 8 Weeks Product Review

As you all know, I have been using the Beauty Bioscience products. After only two weeks while using the Lash Allure MD, I had little new eyelash sprouts! Never had I seen a growing lash but I had three right then.

At the two week point, I had some growth in the brows but not a ton. After the 8 weeks…. Holy Brow! I am really happy with the outcome. A stranger on Instagram (@mrscschults) said You have the best eye brows!” This is not a joke.

I will give all credit to Lash Allure MD. The twice a day treatment really works. For me, the night time application worked best because it is clear and I can wear it without feeling like I have makeup on.

I do think this is an application you will have to keep up on. I am pretty sure that if I stop completely using Lash Allure on my brows, I will go back to looking over plucked and my eyelash growth will go back to normal.

The overall on Beauty BioScience is that I trust their products. The products I have tried worked when I followed the instructions and I am very happy with the results.

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