How to Wear Sheer Tops

Sheer tops and pants have been all over the recent fashion world.  The sheer top though, has some major and minor problems when it comes to actually wearing them out. The major one is the sheer factor being oh so sheer. What do you wear to cover your lady bits? The second is: How many shirts do I have to wear to pull this off? And can you really see my bra that much?

Here are my thoughts on the guidelines of the sheer top. If you do not want to layer a cami under your top, choose a sheer that has a pattern. A pattern will distract from and camouflage the bra underneath. Next tip is to wear a bra that blends with the top. For example, if you are wearing a pastel floral sheer top, you should wear a nude colored bra.

When wearing a cami under your sheer top, you have to have a good quality thin weight cami that is not dingy. I do not like to match cami colors to the color of the sheer top. Camis work best with neutral colors. Here is an example of a navy and red polka dot sheer top with a white cami and an ivory sheer top paired with a white cami.

Red Haute Slouchy Mandarin Collar Sheer Shirt
Ark Co Button Down Sheer Top

What are you guys wearing under your sheer tops? For more sheer tops, check out our facebook album and our pinterest boards.

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