DIY How to Make Friendship Bracelets

I posted an arm party how to layer bracelets, Which is my inspiration for this, I thought it would be good to give a little tutorial about how to do your own woven friendship bracelets. I got my tutorial from here and I think they did an awesome job. If you have never read their blog you really should.

What you will need…
12  24 inch pieces of embroidery floss
(6 colors, 2 of each color)
that’s it

Step one: Cut your floss then tie a knot at the end about 3 inched from the top of the floss.

Step two: Separate the six colors in half matching the order on each side.

Step three: Take the outside edge color and create a four shape over the second color. Then slide to the top. Repeat twice then do the same for the out side color on the other side making a backwards four shape and repeating twice. Follow this pattern for all of the colors remembering to knot twice and keeping the same color pattern till you reach about three inches from the end.

Step four: Done.
You can always by a kit with the direction from a craft store or purchase some already embellished and made from our etsy store.
BFF’s till the end!

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