Beauty Bioscience Lash Allure Md, Two Week Update Progress Report

As you all know, I have been using the Beauty Bioscience products. This is my two week progress update. After only two weeks while using the Lash Allure MD, I have little new eye lash sprouts! Never have I seen a growing lash but I have three right now. My brows are also a tiny bit fuller.

The Lash Allure MD AM and PM  products are packaged in tubes very similar to mascara. The night tube is silver and has a clear liquid that you apply with a small paint brush attached to the lid. I brush it over my top eye lid and in my brows after I cleanse my face. The AM formula is the same as liquid liner. I just replace my usual liner with the growth formula. I have not been putting the AM formula on my brows, which might be the reason they are not growing as much as my lashes.

Why Lash Allure works and why you do not have the side effects.

Lash Allure MD  contains proprietary HFH (Hair Follicular Habitat) Technology to provide the optimal environment for accelerated hair growth when combined with the powerful Pentapeptide Growth Complex. Lash Allure MD dose not contain prostaglandins, which have been shown to cause skin darkening and eye discoloration in some consumers.

Also, (from my experience) when Lash Allure MD gets in your eyes there is no burning or stinging. It feels similar to when liquid liner gets in your eye.

This is an eight week process so I will update again towards the end of the eight weeks.

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