John Hardy Jewlery: Handcrafted and Giving Back

As a fashion stylist, I’ve realized what I buy, who I buy from, and especially what I recommend to others can have a significant impact on communities and the environment.  And as a whole, buying goods locally and supporting philanthropic green companies can change lives and make this world a better place.  Investigate how a profit will be used by the company that produced the good.

 A great example of a company leaving a positive impact is the jewelry brand, John Hardy. Since 2007, they have made it a mission with production and through their offices to be a part of a greener future. The entire John Hardy compound in Bali has been constructed such that the land can be returned to rice fields in three months, with the buildings made of low-impact local natural materials such as bamboo, adobe and thatch. The John Hardy workshop and design center in Bali is also an organic farm, the produce from which is used to provide a healthy lunch to a staff of more than 650 people.

 CEO Damien Dernoncourt and Creative Director Guy Bedarida were so grateful for the amazing opportunity to create a jewelry brand when they bought the company in 2007 that they thought of giving back.  Jobs for Life supports disadvantaged Balinese orphans when they bought the company in 2007. The program aims to ease the transition from orphanage to the real world by providing vocational training, teaching them practical skills that can be marketed as they look for work. After graduating from school, John Hardy aims to offer the students employment opportunities at the compound in Bali.

 John Hardy jewelry is born of the encounter between designers and artisans. Each piece is fully designed and intricately crafted by virtuoso artisans on the brand’s compound in Bali. Head Designer Guy Bedarida sketches his inspired pieces, and the team of artisans gives his vision life as they carve and smith sterling silver, gold and gemstones into jewelry. The art of jewelry-making is an ancient skill dating back to the time of kings on the island nation; descendants of those original artisans make up their team today.

Here are some jewelry pieces that I recommended to my clients this week.

Bedeg Collection Slim Band Ring
Naga Collection Large Round Drop Pendant
Kali Collection Leather Bracelet

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