DIY: How to Live Like a Celebrity, or at Least Try

By: Nicole Perrella

   With prom season right around the corner, we look to what we saw on the red carpet this past award season. The celebrities are constantly looking amazing in their Jimmy Choo shoes and Vera Wang dress.We watch the shows to see the red carpet and drool over the clothes we wish we could afford.With the economy still not back to what is was, us consumers still don’t splurge on clothing like we used to.Well, instead of dreaming about those amazing clothes, why not try to make it possible. Sounds too good to be true, right? While you might not look exactly like Angelina Jolie, you can look darn close, all within a more reasonable budget. The trick, Rent the Runway or Bag Borrow or Steal. These are sites where you can rent all the top designers for a fraction of the cost. Rent the Runway is great for any occasion, date night, Easter, New Year’s Eve, etc. It is great because it shows all the celebrities and what they wore to the award shows and right next to it is the cheaper version of the outfit to rent, not buy. This way you can have at least one perfect night looking like celebrity. If you do sign up, I would greatly appreciate a referral; all you have to do is mention my name. If this site isn’t what you’re looking for, then try the old fashion make your own version,yourself. It might not be a whole outfit, but even making an accessory that you’ve seen in a movie or that a celebrity has can make all the difference in your outfit and appearance. Plus, you will have the added satisfaction knowing that instead of spending a lot of money, you actually made it yourself.

  I recently did my own DIY on an accessory. I have always been obsessed with masquerades and their fancy masks. When I got invited to a masquerade formal, I took the opportunity to put my creative skills to work. When I tried to purchase my ideal mask online, it was going to cost more than thirty dollars, more than I spent on my Express dress (I worked there and waited for the end of the season clearance sale). I was inspired by Nina Dobrev’s mask as Katherine on the Vampire Diaries.

The mask was the perfect mix of flirty and dressy and I was determined to make my own. I bought a basic white mask, purple glitter glue, and fake rhinestones from Jo-Ann Fabrics all for five dollars and made my mask.

 Rather than paying thirty dollars and regretting it later, I was able to make a mask exactly the way I wanted and it only cost a sixth of the cost.Where there is a will, there is a way, and that is definitely true in fashion. If you set your mind on looking a certain way, then you can. It just make take some creativity. As a college student you get invited to events at the last minute and some of the events are themed. When you don’t have time to run an errand and get what you need, you have to make do with what you have. Sometimes it involves duct tape, safety pins or bobby pins, but it always end in a look that is DIY and fun.So the next time you are watching an awards show instead of wishing you could actually pay for a dress like that, try thinking how you can make that look yourself and then go and do it!!

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