Neons for Summer How to Add a POP of Color

   Neon is all the rage in Spring and Summer. Neons are extremely bright colors that are typically orange, yellow, pink, and green. Adding color to you winter wardrobe is also a great way to continue wearing more of your clothing year round. Neon is an instant update for any age. Here are three ways to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Mix and Match One of the More popular trends along with a pop of neon is to wear colored jeans. A neon accessory that is not  close to the other color can complement any colored jeans outfit. The trick is to choose one color that is neon and one that is not.

Color at any age  Whether you are in your teens or not, color is wearable. This more toned down accent of color is great for anyone of any age. Also, color in this way can be very dressed up.
Men Can Wear Neon Too!

Just a little Pop  Again, if you are not trying to make a statement, just an update, ditch the neutral accessories and add some fun color.

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