Fashion Week NYC Fall/Winter 2012: How to Wear the Runway

NYC Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is coming to an end and everyone is busy putting in their orders for the fall.  I love the outrageous looks that glide down the runway, but how can you really dress like that in your every day life. Runway shows are intended to communicate the artist statement from the designers line so no one expects you to come into work with a 12in braided bun on the top of your head. What is expected is that you pick some elements and work those into your wardrobe. One trend per outfit is a good plan to start with.
Check out these from Alexander McQueen S/S2012

The pepulm jacket, lace, and figure accenting skirts are all great ways to express these looks.
Here are some pieces that you can work into your wardrobe to be ready for this summer.


Peplum waist lines were also a trend this fall, so think about how to use the pieces you already have in this coming season.

Mermaid Skirt

For more info about the products,  follow the links below.

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