Sunglass Trends: How to Fit your Frames to your Face Shape

Face shape seems to be the most important part to picking out sunglasses that flatter your face. How to pick out what face shape you have is the first step in choosing perfect shades. If you do not already know your face shape, you can follow these very precise directions from . My theory is as long as you can eye ball the difference between an oval shaped face and a square one, you are probably moving in the right direction in your face shape analysis. That said, here are some guideline for some popular face shapes.

Oval- Characterized by balanced features, Famous oval faces are Julia Roberts or Barry Watson. Oval Faces can wear any style sun glass frames.
Round- Characterized by being as wide as it is long. Famous rounds are Kirsten Dunst or Alec Baldwin. Round Faces should avoid styles that add bulk to the sides of their head, and opt for Frames that will break up the roundness.

Square-Characterized by an angular face with a strong jaw line, broad forehead and square chin. Proportional length and width. Famous squares are Demi Moore and Brad Pitt. Frames that Flatter a square face are oval and round.

Triangle/ Heart- Characterized by Broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin. Famous hearts/triangles Jeniffer Aniston and David Spade. Frames that flatter Hearts are bottom heavy, and narrow.

I actually have a really hard time with deciding my face shape. I think I have a hybrid between a square and a heart, but one thing I’m sure about is that I could be Christina Ricci’s twin. So sure that last weekend, my waitress googled her to compare with co workers before approaching me to just ask. For the people that know me, that comes as no surprise. All over Hollywood I was once hounded for autographs. So I just copy when I am in doubt about a haircut or sunglasses. If you look like a celeb, this is also a nice tool.

These pictures are a bit old, but you get the point. Any way back to the topic at hand here are some sun glass trends to update your spring 2012 shades. Look for colored plastic frames, Ombre and colored lens, and the cat eye frame.

Sunglasses for your Face Shape

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