Money Saving Wedding Tips:How to Cut your Flower Budget

Yesterday, the money saving wedding tip was to plan, then plan some more to figure out the items you are going to spend the majority of your budget on. Today’s money saving wedding tip is about how to cut flower cost in your wedding. Flowers can be 8% to 10% of your overall budget. Depending on the style of your wedding, flowers may play a large role in the over all decor.
Some tips on how to cut cost on flowers is to choose flowers that are in season during your big day. Do your research into the flowers you want to have at your wedding, paying attention to seasons and if there are any flowers grown locally.
These flowers are available anytime of the year:  Alstromeria, Anthurium, Aster, Bourvardia, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera Daisy, Lily, and Asiatic Lily.
Another idea is to do your own flowers. I know you are not a florist, neither am I nor is any one in my family, but I bought boxed stem from Sam’s Club and chose arrangements that I could create myself.

Here is a tutorial video about creating your own fresh flower arrangements.

Check out all these arrangements that you could do yourself to help cut your flower budget.

or skip the flowers and try this,

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