Money Saving Tips for Wedding Planning

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. This week Fashion Stylist is going to be focusing on giving you all of the money saving tips and style advice you could hope for in wedding planning. Thanksgiving through January is engagement season. For all of you who are recently engaged Congratulations and welcome to wedding planning! 
The most important tip in wedding planning is to plan! plan! plan! Weddings are filled with unforeseen expense, emotions and stress take the time to properly plan and prepare for everything you can.
The first step is to think about your dream wedding with your new fiance. Put together mood boards combining all of your wildest wedding dreams paying no attention to cost. You could use our look builder to this ( its free), clip pictures from magazines, or scour the internet.

Step two, Decide what is most important to the two of you. For Chris and I, we wanted the best food our budget would allow, and a unique venue. These non negotiable s will be the items you will spend the most of your budget on. Also decide the things that you are willing to spend the least on. From there you will create a general theme. Such as Formal, Casual, or a non traditional wedding.

Formal Wedding Ideas Several characteristics of a formal wedding: engraved or thermographed invitations for up to two hundred guests; two to six bridesmaids and ushers; Bride attired in long gown and veil; Groom and ushers in tuxedos; reception with full meal and drinks follow the ceremony. Usually a band or DJ provides music music at the reception.

Casual Wedding Look Several characteristics of a semi-formal casual wedding: printed invitations for under one hundred guests; Groom attired in either a dark suit or a tuxedo; Bride attired in a floor-length gown; one or two bridesmaids and ushers; reception with buffet or hors d’ oeuvres following the ceremony.
Non Tradtional Wedding Look  Non Traditional  Non Formal, casual/ relaxed wedding. An informal wedding could be held anywhere including City Hall. A simple ceremony is performed and usually there are less than fifty guests. A small informal reception at someone’s house or at a restaurant may follow the ceremony.

Here is a photo from my wedding just for kicks 🙂 (semi formal/ non traditional)

Descriptions were fromOur dream

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