Fashion Styling from the Start: How to Wear Shorts in the Winter

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I would like to introduce you all to Nicole Perrella, she is a future stylist and is working hard to get herself out there. On top of her already busy life Nicole also helps to contribute to Fashion Stylist by creating collages using our Look Builder App.  Here are a few paragraphs she wrote about herself..

 I am 20 years old and I am studying to get my Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Business Administration at Northern Illinois University. I am. trying to break into the styling world and hope to style models for fashion shows and photo shoots, as well as help everyone with their fashion needs. I currently live on a floor with thirty people and I style them on a weekly basis for different events, whether social, business, or every day. I was also a stylist for a “Dress for Success” Fashion Show at Northern last year. I am an active member of the Fashion Industry Organization and we are planning two fashion shows this year. I am part of the publicity committee for the first fashion show and will be a stylist for the second show. Currently, I am an associate at Express where I assist customers in selecting pieces to accent their personal needs, manage fitting rooms, changing of floor sets, and merchandise recovery.
       I have a page on Facebook titled “Fashion Styling,” where I try to keep up with all the latest styles and answer any fashion questions people may have. In using I hope to get my name out there and become more of a know fashion stylist, and more importantly to help everyone with their fashion and styling needs. Feel free to ask any questions and look me up on Fashion Styling and Twitter.
Shorts Aren’t Just for Summer

Nicole created this look to show the  Fall/ Winter trend of wearing shorts with tights to extend the life of your wardrobe. The key to this trend is to have shorts in a heavier fabric like wool. I love how Nicole paired her wool Elle shorts with the Commando two tone Jesery Waist Band in the awesome cranberry tone. 
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