Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Giving You Wish You Had Thought of First !

Day 3! Happy Holidays are for our furry babies too! Pet gifts are plentiful in most stores,  but here are some more ideas that will please your eyes and accent your style.

Alessi Cat Bowl Alessi “Tigrito” Cat Bowl-Home

Bark n Bag
Organic Barnyard Pet Toy Set

Skymall Pet Crate Comfort and luxury have gone to the dogs. Give your pet an attractive and secure place to rest. This furniture collection appeals to dogs’ natural instincts to have their own, cozy sanctuary (like their ancestors’ caves) and the pet owner’s desire for luxury home furnishings. Designed to eliminate the cage-like appearance of traditional dog crates or ugly, hair-covered, dirty pillows. Complements any decor.

Kiehl’s Dog Shampoo Formulated for the special cleansing needs of all dogs-big and small, long- or short-haired-this mild shampoo effectively removes dirt, debris and odor and is gentle on the dog’s coat, face and skin. Blending chamomile flower extract with efficacious and gentle cleansing ingredients, this soap-free pH-balanced formula will leave the coat and skin clean with a light and refreshing lavender scent.

Pet Clothing Hanger
Set of 6 clothes hangers in assorted colors.
Holly LiL Bright Pet Collar  ALways look on the Brightside witrh these luscious Cowskin collars! If you could just touch, smell and feel these collars you would understand what is so magical about them and completely fall in love too.These fabulously designed and finished Extra Wide collars curve down and narrow under the chin, for the most comfortable fitting for your dog. The wonderful leather trim is rolled and piped round the edges of the silky cowhide; spectacular! Your dogs deserve such perfect finishing touches!

Holly LiL YO HO HO   YO HO HO & a rattle of bones – the ultimate funky pirate’s collar from Holly&Lil – perfect for a day’s swashbuckling in the park! This design is Made to Order only, because each one is an individual work of art, hand made in our own workshops in supple, durable, calf leatherHandmade in England and fabulously designed and finished “Wide” collars, (Size 3 and above only) with calfskin trim that is rolled and piped round the edges. The Wide collars curve down and narrow under the chin, for the most comfortable fitting for your dog but perfect view for you.

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