Product Review: Ropix The Jump Rope Shoe

Ropix is a new line of Athletic footwear that was created by Dennis Dwyer, as an idea in a boxing gym in NYC. Ropix is the first of its kind, not only specific to jumping rope, but suitable for all forefoot activities. Because of the tailored cushioning, Ropix is beneficial for any sport or activity that place impact on the balls of your feet.

 Dennis contacted Fashion Stylist to see if we wanted to give Ropix a try, and we love to try new products to give our customers our honest opinion to help them make the best purchases possible. Here is Chris’s review, 

“Having waited anxiously for two weeks for my Ropix shoes to arrive (due to a shipping error with UPS), I was not disappointed. The engineering of this footwear greatly exceeded my expectations. From the long term durability and comfort to the stylish look, this shoe has made it’s place to my favorite for high intensity workouts.

The first day of trying out the shoes, I have to admit they took a little time getting used to.  The extra cushioning at the ball of the foot and light weight material felt different than my normal sneakers but that feeling quickly passed.  The more I wore them, the better they felt.  And it went beyond that.  Wearing them, I felt myself wanting to get off my heels and be more active! They jump started my cardio workouts on the jump rope and the elliptical.  At the park, I found myself wanting to run with my dog. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep up with my pace.  

The shoes have held up well with a lot of use the last few weeks and look almost the same as the first day I got them.  And the complements on the design of the shoes are great too. I have already referred them to my friend who competes in grappling and jump rope trains often. Thank you Ropix for engineering this great shoe!”

Ropix Shoes are currently only available online at The prices are very competitive and the designs are cool and casual.

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