Fall 2011 Fashion Trends: The Three P’s Peplum, Palazzo, Prints

The Three P’s in fall fashion today are Peplum –pep·lum  n. pl. pep·lums A short over skirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress.
Palazzo ( not the hotel in Vegas) women’s trousers with very wide legs.
Prints- patterned cloth.

Peplum  is easy to wear on most figures, it does accentuate the hips and waist adding to the hour glass curves. The construction has a very feminine feel, and works nicely with more masculine piece. 

Peplum Waist Dresses,Tops,Tunics

     And all together How to Wear Peplum Waist

Palazzo Pants look a lot like PJ’S, the trick to pulling off this look is to wear a top that can in no way be mistaken for PJ’S, pair your Palazzo Pants and top with platforms too get extra long leg appearance.

Palazzo Pants

             How to Wear Palazzo Pants Vintage Look

    Fall Fashion Prints! Big, Bold and Beautiful Prints.

Mixing Prints is all the rage right now, You should mix prints when you are sure they work together. A safe way to start mixing prints is to use a monochromatic print or textured fabric with a bold printed piece. Another tip is to mix a small print piece layered under a larger more predominant printed piece.
The Tory Burch picture below is a great example.
Fall 2011 Fashion Prints


    I am in no way endorsed Tory Burch, I really like their prints.
    Tory Burch Fall Fashion Prints

    You can follow the links to get prices and vanity codes

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