How to Store and Clean Handbags: Fall 2011 Fashion Handbag Trends

Meltonian Saddle SoapHappy Monday, It’s that time of the year again…. I am in the need for a new handbag hopefully you are too. Fall 2011 Handbags should be leather or some version of faux leather. Canvas and Straw handbags should be properly stored in their dust covers and placed in a cool dry place until next summer.  When you are preparing your leather bags for storage it is always a good idea to clean them either professionally or at home with some saddle soap and terry cloth. saddle soap is a preparatory compound containing mild soap and softening ingredients such as neatsfoot oil, glycerin, and lanolin. It also contains bee’s wax to protect leather. It is used for cleaning, conditioning and softening leather, It is  commonly used for cleaning and conditioning leather footwear, Hand bags, and jackets. Saddle soap can also help to remove common stains from light colored leather as well. To use Saddle soap you uses a white terry cloth like a wash cloth that is dry,Wrapping your terry cloth around your finger scoop a small amount of saddle soap out and work it into the leather using a circular motion. Continue over the entire bag paying close attention to stained spots.
Personally I do the saddle soap and terry cloth rub down on all my leather good, the saddle soap conditions and softens the leather insuring that your leather bag wont dry out or stain over time.
 Here are some picks that will take you all the way to spring. Listed from top to bottom.
Steve Madden 125.00                         

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