What to wear for an Interview

Interview!!! yay  Today I was asked what to wear for a fashion interview. To be trendy or not to be trendy that is the question. These are my key points for any fashion position you might be getting yourself into….
 1. Show you know how to wear clothes( iron, press, fit, belt loops, buttons) + Leave your sexy at home
2. Keep your fusia lip stick in your bag and the flowers out of your hair till after your first week
3. Do not mention your unmentionables no bra straps, panty lines or lace
4. Look polished with your grooming clean and neat

I wore a little bit trendy a little bit conservative literally to every interview I wore this too, I was offered the job.  This was my magic ansemble j crew black wool sailor pants , classic closed toe  too high chuck heeled mary janes(because I was too broke to have my too long pants hemmed) and a very ironed very crispy button front white shirt probably Gap. I also wore socks/stockings no bare feet! If I was interviewing for a more creative job I would swop the shirt for a tan and black stipped one, or add a jacket if less creative position. Seriously this was my money makin outfit.( I was Interviewing for assistant designers, merchandisers and sales fyi)(minus the derek lim)

Fashion is tricky even on the retail level because you need the job whether it is your personal style or not. If you can go and look at the people in the position you are interviewing for aka sales associates store manager or key holder. Then emulate what you see but nicer if that makes sence. An example would be if all the sales girls are wearing black suits like Victoria Secret  interview in a penciled skirt and tailored shirt. Some where like Free People I would go for more natural colors and make sure you look polished and well groomed no matter where you are interviewing at. 

Here are some no fail brands for your interview shopping

  For more help just ask!!

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