Fashionable Work Out Clothing?

Basically I hate boring outfits but sometimes boring is practical and practical is what is called for in some cases aka gym time.  I was looking up some fashionable athletic attire today and OMG not practical, not flattering and for sure not boring. Seriously most people shouldn’t be walking around in just a  bra top  if you are not in Bikrham or any sorta hot yoga Pilates class, it is just not flattering. I prefer to ignore my own rolls and I do not need to be looking at yours. I also saw a Work out Tunic?  you have to be kidding me!!! whatever is going to be coming out that tunic my eyes also do not need to see. On the right very tone body these are cute and for sure not boring but for me opt for boring, practical, and easy on the eyes.

All items shown are available here

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