Las Vegas Style

Today I meet my friend for tea and talking at Town Square,  since it is my last full day in Sin City.  I have always argued against the idea that Las Vegas has a “Las Vegas”style, because I have never seen any type of consistency, due to the high tourist rate I’m sure.  So during the afternoon of chit chat and people watching I discovered that I am totally right there is no distinct Vegas style, there is however a very obvious lack of under garments.  In a no hate tone, I saw nipples, saggy everything, and butt checks.  I want to buy petals and hand them out on the street like the porn peddlers on the strip. These women were beautiful in well put together looks, clearly trying to look their  best, but really no nipps please to see your nipps.
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And one more thing on the “Vegas” style, the thing I like about Vegas and its people, is that you can wear anything that is in fashion or not from any corner of the world you come from and no one will look at you funny. More than likely because they are trying to get into a club and if you get in before them they will be in the same line tomorrow stealing your look.

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