Mens Wear, Where?

One of the most common question I get are from men who are looking for stylish,  affordable clothing and accessories. The second question is  after they find something they like is “how do I put all this together. “
  Men really do have limited options when it comes to shopping, department stores have smaller sections, and specialty boutiques are few and far between. I really like Macy’s, Old Navy, and Nordstrom for men’s apparel. I find that the sales people are helpful, there stock is clean and organized and its kind of a one stop shop they both carry accessories, socks and shoes.

For the second problem, with many men the idea of trying on countless combination to find just the right one, is not going to happen. I always get these men a color plan and purchase only item that fit in that scheme. For example  dark blue, light blue, white, and grey then a few patterned pieces that are made of these colors. Using a color scheme creates a wardrobe that is fool proof.

for a casual look these two bottoms will match better much any shirt. 

below you will find more men styled casual looks and online discounts from Macy’s

   macy’s freeshipping here  
20% discount on selected mens items from Macy’s here


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