Coming to the Decision to Adopt

"Coming to the decision to build our family through adoption for us was somewhat simple. We needed all of the information about our fertility first. From that point, we felt like we had wasted enough time TTC to pursue anything other than adoption. " Full Post Here

3 Ways Adoption Changed Me

Newsflash! Adoption and family building is a life-long conversation. Just ask anyone who has had natural child birth (they will tell you all about it.) The way you choose to build your family will forever impact you. It changes your identity. Read the rest here.

What to Read

A little collection of things I read this week Her Name is Kate She handed him to me, and said, β€œHere is your Mommy.” ( Full Article Here) What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege 2.) Fear of being questioned or dismissed with β€œAre you sure that’s …